About Narula Organization

The Narula Organization was founded in 1984 by Mr. S.K. Narula, a man with esteemed vision & a strong advocate of diversity and equal opportunity, who had over 40 years of travel trade experience including 26 years service with British Airways.

Narula today is a Full-Service Business Solutions provider in the field of Destination Management & Relocation Services, Car Rental, Corporate Travel, Business Services and Skill Development.

Over the years we have earned a reputation for innovative ideas and forward thinking. This mentality, combined with a hands-on approach to customer service, has earned us a fiercely loyal following of clients who attest to our superior service capabilities. Our future business initiatives are focused on providing and implementing Alternative Techniques for Cleaner Environment so we can together make this planet a safer and better place for tomorrow.

Narula embraces a business philosophy emphasizing the importance of honor, integrity and individual character. Team members are passionate advocates for service to the community while at the same time seeking creative ways to make international connections that contribute significantly to a positive quality of life and a sound business environment for all.

Narula combines high levels of service with cost performance to offer a Win-Win situation. We are a mission-driven company that aims to set the standards of excellence. We are building a business in which high standards permeate all aspects of our company. Quality is a state of mind at Narula.

Our Motto : Perform, Persevere, Prevail, emphasizes that our vision reaches far beyond just being a Business Services Organization.